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2-Day Excursion to the count Dracula’s Castle Bran in Romania
€ 400.00 380.00
2-day excursion to Istanbul "City on Two Continents"
€ 300.00 280.00
2-day holiday trip from Sunny Beach to Rila Monastery
€ 200.00 160.00
Two days excursion to Istanbul “Treasures of the Orient”
€ 0.00 200.00

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One day bus excursion to Istanbul, Turkey

The never sleeping city! Ancient, yet modern - Istanbul is an exceptional choice if shopping and sightseeing is your favourite pursuit! Visit to the Blue Mosque and the Hippodrome, panoramic tour to the Asian side, breakfast and lunch included.
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2-Day Excursion to the count Dracula’s Castle Bran in Romania

Panoramic bus tour of Bucharest featuring Uniri Square, University Square, Victoria Square and the Square of the Revolution, a photo stop in front of the Romanian Parliament – the second largest administrative building in the world after the Pentagon with a monumental exterior

2-day excursion to Istanbul "City on Two Continents"

This two day trip to Turkey includes a city sightseeing tour of Istanbul. If you take part in this holiday trip to Istanbul you will visit the Old Town – “Sultan Ahmet” (Blue) Mosque, the old Byzantine Hippodrome, panoramic bus tour to the Asian side. This excursion to Istanbul departures from Sunny Beach.

2-day holiday trip from Sunny Beach to Rila Monastery

This exciting tour to the Rila Monastery, the center of spirituality in Bulgaria, is going to get you acquainted with the history of Bulgaria, and some of the most ancient places in Europe. During your stay in Bulgaria you can take part in this excursion to Rila Monastery.

Two days excursion to Istanbul “Treasures of the Orient”

The “Treasures of the Orient” trip is a 2-day excursion from Sunny beach to Istanbul. The trip includes a sightseeing tour of the old town of Istanbul, which includes attractions such as the Blue Mosque, the Byzantine Hippodrome and the emblematic “St. Sophia” cathedral.

“Mysteries of Bulgaria – the Seer Vanga”, 2-Day Excursion

One of the most exciting trips you can find during your stay in Bulgaria is probably the holiday trip to the Seer Vanga. The Seer Vanga is one of the most prominent seers of our time and is considered as a seer who has made exact forecasts of world events.

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