Ropotamo River

Ropotamo River
Ropotamo river rises in the Strandja Mountains and is only 50 km in length. For most of its course it is a rapid mountain stream. Only in the final stages, as the river approaches the sea, does it broaden out, forming an estuary some 40 m wide.
River banks are overgrown with thick vegetation - oaks, beech, willows and creeping lianas. There are some beautiful displays of water lilies. At places the river resembles a river flowing through the jungle. The river abounds in gray mullet, whitefish, barbell and carp; dragonflies, small black turtles and non-poisonous water-snakes also abound here.
The name of the river probably comes from the Greek ”potamo”, meaning ”river” and ”ro”, meaning ”flow”. There is also a legend saying that Ro was the name of an Eastern princess who committed a sin and was banished from her country. She took refuge in this place and conquered the heart of a local pirate. Finally they married and he presented his bride with a beautiful boat decorated  with gold and jewels. Ro sailed on the river and it was called after her, the river of Ro.

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