Kaliakra Cape

Kaliakra is natural cape protruding about 2 km into the sea. In addition to the striking beauty of the landscape, the region is also noted for the fact that it is home to a number of dolphins, seals and cormorants. Therefore the area has been declared a natural reserve. The cape has been inhabited since ancient times and there are numerous archaeological remains. The name of the cape means "The Beautiful Cape" and its dramatic beauty is highlighted by numerous vivid legends. The legends tell of Lysimachus, one of the generals of Alexander of Macedonia, whose ship loaded with gold treasures sank here. Of the 40 Christian maidens who tailed their hairs together and threw themselves from the high rocks into the sea to escape from the Muslim invaders. Of St. Nikola, the patron-saint of seafarers and fishermen, whose symbolic grave is in an old chapel.

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  • Balchik and Kaliakra - Romantic & Scenic