Believe it or not – it is a real pleasure to get lost in the Nessebur. Whilst walking the winding cobbled streets of the historic Old Quarter discover numerous centuries-old churches, period houses, cafes and souvenir shops.

Nessebur is the favourite place for a day walk, photo hunting, romantic date or dinner for all visitors of the area.

While a cartographer would describe it as a true nightmare, many artists would love the Old Quarter as a real painters' Paradise. 

​The panoramic sightseeing tour will take you around the picturesque Old Quarter of Nessebur situated on a tiny peninsula connected with the mainland by a narrow isthmus.
The guided tour highlights the numerous churches dating back to 6-18 century, the specific architecture of the houses build of stone and wood, the historical and archaeological heritage of the town - the venue of dramatic historic events from Thracian, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Proto-Bulgarian times. The tour features the Old Metropolitan Church, dating back to 6 century - one of the earliest Christian buildings in this area, the 11-century New Metropolitan Church possessing beautiful wall paintings and icons, the most photographed Pantocrator and Aliturgetos churches - exquisite examples of the so called picturesque architectural style.
​A refreshing coffee break and a shopping tour are a must - there are dozens of elegant cafes and restaurants as well as hundreds of souvenir shops and stalls.

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