Bulgarian Village & Folkloric Night

Bulgarian Village & Folkloric Night
Check Points & Highlights
Sunny Beach
The Balkan Mountains

Spectacular foklore floor show, unique nestinarski fire dances, traditional dinner and drinks, unlimited Bulgarian wine from the barrel, popular music disco - a truly unforgettalbe night for the whole family!

Start your tour with short journey into the mainland along the last slopes of the Balkan Mountains. Your final destination is an open-air theme complex.

Take your time to walk around - there is small chapel, mini zoo, art shops and studios where you can try your skills. Donkey and horse riding opportunities, a playground and an entertaining program for children await the youngest visitors.

Dinner is offered in a typical Bulgarian way - the traditional "rakia" grape brandy is served with Shopska salad, followed by soup, grilled assorted meat and delicious seasonal fruit. You may pour Bulgarian wine - a choice of red and white - straight from the barrels and drink as much as you'd like! Wine is unlimited!

The folkore show represents Bulgarian music, dances and rituals from different parts of Bulgaria. The show starts with "koukeri"-mummers dances and ends with the traditional Bulgarian dance, called "choro". It expresses people’s happiness and joy of life. Usually it is danced in a circle under the sound of traditional instruments. The dancers hold each other’s hand and dance with quick and short steps.

The show culminates with the mysterious nestinarski fire dances. The unique dance on red embers is an old custom brought over from Asia Minor in older times. It merged with the old Slav tradition of making a fire and jumping over it at Midnight Night (24 June). This is a health and fertility rite.

Finally, there is popular dance music and the scene is yours!

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