General Conditions

These conditions protect Your interests. Please read them carefully!

1.   Bookings, changes, annulments
1.1. You can book a trip with the AGENCY in the sales offices of the company or through its authorized agencies.
1.2. When the booking is made in a tourist agency all matters concerning the trip are handled by it.
1.3. When placing an order for tourist serveces, You have to pay a deposit of 10% of the sum for the ordered serveces for every person above the age of 2, if the order is made more than 14 days before the departure date for trips in Bulgaria (21 days for trips abroad) or the full amount, if there are less then 14 (21) days left to the departure date. When booking weekend trips the dead-line for paying the full sum is 48 hours. In cases when a reservation is made in advance over the phone, the order for tourist services must be filled and the amount due paid not later then the end of the next working day.
1.4. After confirming the booking, between You and our company exists a contract and the terms are mandatory for both sides. The person who has placed the order guarantees before us the payment of the due amount on his behalf and on behalf of and with the consent of all people listed in the order.
1.5. You have to pay the difference between the deposit and the full prize of the trip not later then 14 (21) days before the departure date. If this is not done THE AGENCY keeps its right to annul the booking.
1.6. If You want to make changes in the confirmed booking, please notify us immediately. We are ready to assist You the best way we can.
1.7. When making changes to an existing booking a 10 lev tax is paid. Changes including the departure date, the resort and/or the hotel, as well as all the names in the booking are considered annulment and a new booking. In such a case the taxes for annulment listed below are paid.
1.8. If You decide to annul a confirmed booking, this must be made in writing and by the person who have signed the order for services. In this case from the amount paid by You the next annulment taxes are deducted:
Days before the departure date for traveling outside Bulgaria Days before the departure date​ for traveling in Bulgaria ​Annulment Taxes
more than 31 days more than 21 days ​no taxes
more than 21 days more than 14 days 50% from the deposit
21 – 14 days 14 – 7 days 100% from the deposit
14 – 7 days 7 – 3 days 70% from the full amount
less than 7 days less than 3 days 100% from the full amount

 2.  Our obligations to You
2.1. We guarantee that You will receive the full amount of the paid services according to the chosen programme. In separate cases it is possible, because of different reasons (especially in the begging and at the end of the season) some of the facilities to be closed or the number of services given on the spot to be limited. We will seek to inform You for the occurred changes before Your departure or on the spot through our representative.
2.2. We guarantee that after You pay the deposit, the price won’t raise and if our prices are subsequently lowered – You will pay the lower price.
2.3. In case You want to receive additional services which are not included in our programmes or You have specific requirements concerning the accommodation, the food or other, please list them in the booking form. We will try and help You to the best of our abilities but we can not unconditionally guarantee the fulfillment of Your wishes.
2.4. In case circumstances beyond our control force us to annul You reservation, we will try everything to offer You a suitable and acceptable alternative. If our offers are unacceptable for You, we are obliged to refund You to the full amount of the sum paid by You, which is considered a voluntary and final settlement of the problem.
2.5. Some of out programmes require a minimum number of passengers. In such a case we will inform You when accepting Your booking. In case that the needed minimum number of passengers is not fulfilled, we keep our right to annul the trip and we are obliged to inform You on time, as well as if possible to offer You a trip on another date. If such an opportunity is not possible or You refuse to accept the change, the sum paid by You will be refunded to its full amount. 
2.6. We preserve our right to make small changes to Your trip, in case circumstances beyond our control demand it. In extreme circumstances more severe changes may be needed, for example change of the resort, a lower category accommodation or change of the dates of the trip. In all those cases You will be notified immediately and You will be able to choose between the following alternatives:
а) to accept the needed changes;
b) to book another trip with us and
c) to annul the trip.
If You choose a) and You are placed in a lower category accommodation, we will refund You the difference between the sum paid by You and the actual price. If You choose c) the full paid price will be refunded.
2.7. We take fool responsibility for the shortcomings in the quality of the services offered by our company, as well as in cases when the confirmed services are not given because of us.
2.8. THE AGENCY does not carry responsibility for services (excursions, transport, entertainment) which You buy individually and not through our representatives in the according resort (settlement), as well as for changes, annulments or the partial fulfillment of the full set of prebooked services if the reasons are wars, terrorism, strikes, civil disobedience, natural disasters, fires, acts of state or other authorities or other circumstances beyond our control.
2.9. We are not responsible and we don’t refund sums for partially or fully not carried out trips when the client was no show at the appointed departure place and time.
2.10. In case during the trip organized by us a client of ours inflicts injuries or property damage to our contractors, to their personnel, or to a third party, all expenses consequence of that are on behalf of the guilty party.
2.11. We cannot be hold responsible for the occurrence of death, injuries or illness during the booked services except for the cases when the reason is negligent actions on behalf of our stuff during their occupational duties. 

3.   Insurance
3.1. We are providing a special tourist insurance for traveling outside Bulgaria when this is specifically requested by the Client. If You do not request a tourist insurance from THE AGENCY, THE AGENCY considers that you have a valid tourist insurance and You will carry a copy of the insurance policy with You during the travel.
​3.2. The insurance period starts with the determined date and place of the departure and lasts until the date of Your return. The insurance covers death as a result of an acute illness, medical expenses in case of injuries or accute illnesses, repatriation, proven luggage lost, rescue expenses and liabilities for damages inflicted to a third party.
3.3. When booking a trip from the sales offices of THE AGENCY You can take an additional individual insurance.

4.   Claims
4.1. All claims concerning the quality of the paid services have to be made on the spot in front of our representatives or to the according company giving the services, so that the faults could be corrected. If this is impossible, You have to demand from our representatives a report to be made and in the period of seven days after Your return to present to us or to the according agency a written claim. We are obliged, after checking the matter to offer You our written statement in a period of 30 days from the date of entry of the claim.
4.2. Refunds of sums for partially or fully unused services because of us or our contractors are paid only after the issued by us or our agents confirming documents (tickets, vouchers and others) are presented with the according written and certified from our representatives corrections and annulments.
4.3. Sums for partially or fully unused services because of the clients fault are not refunded.
4.4. All debatable issues concerning the present contract for which the two sides don’t reach a consent will be decided according to the legislative system of the Republic of Bulgaria.

5.   Additional conditions for trips abroad
5.1. The trips organized by THE AGENCY are only with tourist purposes unless our written materials state otherwise. This is the reason why we don’t take responsibility for expenses of any kind made when using our programmes for emigration or business.
5.2. In cases when in our catalogues, flyers or other written materials the prices are shown in foreign currency, the payment is made by their lev equivalent calculated according to the exchange rate of the Bulgarian National Bank for the according currency on the day of the full payment of the trip.
5.3. In most cases we will be able to offer You full assistance when arranging the needed visa formalities for the trip. According to the regulations of the different countries however, in some cases You might need to do that on Your own. It is our duty to inform You for the documents needed in every particular case.
5.4. It is Your obligation to ensure a valid passport and other documents required by the regulations of the particular country. We cannot be hold responsible for forced annulments of trips because of invalid, incorrect or missing documents. The paid tax is not refunded when a visa is denied.
5.5. All expenses for administrative taxes, extensions of the stay, transport and others because of lost or destruction of a passport during a trip abroad are covered by the particular tourist.

6.  Other conditions
6.1. The conditions listed above are valid for all trips organized by THE AGENCY unless the issued catalogues, flyers and others state otherwise.
6.2. The personnel in our sales offices, as well as the authorized by us tourist agencies are obliged when needed to clarify the travelling conditions concerning the given programme.